Philly Running Coach
Tim Gorichanaz

Want to be a better marathoner?

Want to get into ultrarunning?

Lace up your shoes, Philadelphia, because now there's a coach who sees you as a student, not a client. Someone to help you become a better runner, even when you're not running. Especially when you're not running. Because let's face it: Even if you run for an hour, there's still 23 hours left in the day. You can either let them slip by, or make them work for you.

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Using a pre-made training plan from a book or website will probably get you to the finish line, but if you want to enjoy the process and continue to improve, the benefits of working with a coach cannot be overstated.

About Me

My name's Tim Gorichanaz. I'm originally from Milwaukee, and as of 2014 I live in West Philly.

I'm by no means a natural-born athlete, so I've had to improve my performance through a lot of learning and a lot of hard work. My first marathon back in 2011 was 5:02, and my most recent one was 3:20. Two years ago I made the leap to ultrarunning, and I've since run several 50-mile races and a 100-mile race. See my profile on Athlinks.

Having a coach has been paramount in building myself as a runner—along with relentless self-experimentation and endless researching—and I'd love to show you what I've learned to help you achieve your goals. Over the past two years I've helped friends and family improve their running, and now I'm offering coaching to the wider world. I specialize in helping marathoners make the leap to ultras.

My running philosophy: Less is more. That goes for intensity, equipment and consumption. With one or two intense workouts a week and some solid base mileage, you can do wonders. You can adopt some of the principles from paleo to train your body to rely more on its fat stores for fuel than carb sources, so there's no "hitting the wall." You can say no to lumpy shoes and take a more minimalist approach. Of course, I don't expect these things to work for everyone, or for everyone to adopt them. Still, there are valuable lessons to be learned in unexpected places. My goal in working with students is to help each individual figure out what is going to work best for them.

When I'm not running, I'm a PhD student at Drexel (that means: reading). I also do some painting and monkeying around on the guitar for a change of pace, and I write, too. If you're interested in learning more about my life outside running, check out my personal website.

My Coaching

I offer two coaching options: hourly and monthly (unlimited hours). The rates are $30/hour and $100/month.

Hourly is for you if you want to mostly DIY but want to pick my brain with specific questions periodically.

Monthly will be better if you'd like me to build out your training plan and work with you more closely. I'll design your training no more than a week in advance—no cookie-cutter 18-week plans. Your training plan will be your training plan, adapting to your dynamic, real life.

Mostly we'll work together via email. (If you'd prefer, we can also talk on the phone or Skype, or get together in person.) If you'd like me to do your training plans, we'll collaborate on a shared document. Or, if you'd prefer, I can text you your daily workouts in the morning and you can reply with updates on how it went, and I'll keep track that way.

I'm also available to do in-person training/workshops for things like form, drills and warmups. These are a great option for people who want to take a hands-on approach. (These are billed at the hourly rate even if you're on the monthly plan, but you can bring friends at no additional cost!)

Getting Started

Ready for take-off?

Send me an email at to get started. I'll send you a number of questions to help me learn more about your background and goals. Then we'll meet in person for a free consultation, and you'll be off running soon enough.

Tim Recommends

I read widely, I listen to a bazillion podcasts and audiobooks a week, try a lot of different products and I digest with my brain. By having me as your coach, you get the advantage of everything I've learned. But if you want to do some exploring of your own (highly encouraged!), the resources below are some great places to start.